World’s 25 best wholesale tea suppliers for 2024 (2024)

What are wholesale tea suppliers?

Wholesale tea suppliers are businesses that specialize in buying and reselling tea on the wholesale level. They buy tea and other kinds of loose leaf tea direct from tea manufacturers, exporters, and farms all over the world to sell to distributors, restaurants, and retailers.

If you were to become a wholesale tea supplier, you’ll be buying from places like China, Japan, and India where the tea is grown. To buy on this level though, you’ll need to get a supplier for your area that also takes your business seriously. Moreover, these suppliers are a great place to inquire about discounted prices on bulk tea.

Wholesale tea suppliers are responsible for importing, packaging, and selling loose leaf tea, but they may also sell small teapots and tea accessories, hence they also make a lovely present for tea lovers who have a refined taste for tea.

Most reputable wholesale tea suppliers

Finding the best wholesale tea suppliers can be difficult. You want to be sure that the tea you purchase for your shop or business is going to satisfy customers and bring you more sales but with hundreds of wholesalers out there, making the right decision can be overwhelming.
Therefore, we’ve put together this in-depth list of the 25 best wholesale tea suppliers to help make your decisions easier.

Best Tea Supplier

With an exceptional selection of over 250 flavors coupled with their reliable and fast delivery across Canada and the United States, Best Tea Supplier is one of the most reputable wholesale tea suppliers for retailers across North America.

One of the many reasons why are they on this list is their professional service. They are dedicated to producing tea for more than 10 years and have a complete supply chain to ensure you will get high quality at a competitive price. From simple and invigorating options like lemon green tea to more exotic flavors, they have something to offer to any retailer.


TeaSwan, by offering a great selection of exotic premium organic, loose leaf tea from Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal, and China at bulk and for wholesale, is considered a premium wholesale tea supplier. They are sourcing the finest quality loose leaf tea directly from the farms, thus they are delivering exceptional taste and a variety of balanced and bold flavors.

With more than 200 premium teas divided into 8 categories, TeaSwan is one of the fastest-growing B2B wholesale tea suppliers in 2022. Furthermore, they are sourcing tea directly from the best tea gardens across the world, while cutting out the middlemen and dropping the prices to customer-friendly standards.

Jenier World of Teas

Jenier World of Teas sources teas from all over the world and ensures that they select only the best crops available. Flavouring tea has been a process that’s enhanced the enjoyment of drinking tea for a thousand years and this wholesale tea supplier is keeping up with the tradition by always increasing its range of flavors.

To create a new flavor, they start off with premium tea and add only 100% natural flavorings to add to the exquisite tea taste, not overpower it. The customers require great tasting teas in many different formats, especially for food service, so Jenier World of Teas is dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea sells a wide range of world teas including green, black, white, oolongs, flavored green, flavored black, and fruit and herbal infusions. All of their teas are produced using orthodox methods, which means only the finest handpicked leaves are considered good enough to find a place in your cup.

Moreover, one exciting service this wholesale tea supplier offers for individuals that are passionate about tea is a high-quality personal service. Whether you are a connoisseur, an experimentalist or simply looking for a gift for a loved one, Cup of Tea is eager to help you. Also, to the trade customers, they also provide free advice and training to help them provide the best possible tea drinking experience for all consumers.

Herbal Sense

Herbal Sense is one of the best wholesale tea suppliers and it’s providing an extensive range of products from a wide range of tea leaves. From organic botanical herbal teas to organic essential oils, carrier oils, fruit teas, tea blends, black, red, and green teas, aroma humidifier diffusers, packaging products, and eco household products.

Herbal Sense is also an environmentally friendly startup that is dedicated to providing only high-quality, natural, eco-friendly products, without additives or synthetic substances being used, whether in their cultivation, processing, packaging, or transportation. Their wide range of essential oil assures high quality and is certified 100% pure and natural.

Gryphon Tea

Gryphon Tea is a wholesale tea suppliers company founded with a mission to make high-quality tea accessible to all customers seeking new taste experiences. Built and influenced by the rich Asian culture it incorporates the rich unique Asian ingredients that delight every customer.

By making the highest-quality gourmet teas Gryphon Tea is satisfying the needs of discerning tea drinkers who are always in search of new taste experiences. Their extraordinary work is a consequence of the founder’s love for Asia’s rich culinary culture and they guarantee a premium tea drinking experience with every sip.


ETTE TEA is a boutique producer of gourmet tea blends with excellent taste. They take pride in the art of tea blending with the focus on palate experimentation, and they are balancing tea with other ingredients to form a unique product.

This contemporary tea company specializes in tea blends with Singapore and Southeast Asian tastes. They started with the original Pandan Chiffon tea out of a home kitchenette, but now they offer an exceptional collection of gourmet tea and artisan tea blends to cafes and restaurants in Singapore, Brunei, and The Maldives.

Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves is focused on the art of quality blending that involves fusing simple ingredients together to make a blend that is elevated into something greater than itself. This wholesale tea supplier understands the ancient practices of tea stems from years of learning and appreciation and it’s embracing them into our modern world that promotes a greater self and a greater world.

All their teas are a conscientious collection of ingredients of the highest grade, creating unforgettable tea experiences. They reflect partnerships nurtured and harvested by decades of experience and cultivated over centuries of love, care, and commitment.

Assam Tea Company

Assam Tea Company is another one of the extraordinary wholesale tea suppliers that provide the best connection to source pure, fresh, and high-quality Assam tea, cardamom, ginger, bhut jolokia/gost peppers, and other spices that grow in large quantities in the remote Assam region in the North East of India.

The greatest part is that besides their special pure and blended teas, you can also design your blend. They stock freshly harvested teas and all the ingredients you need to create delicious blends for your business or personal consumption.

Tea Guys

Founded in 2002, Tea Guys is one of the most reputable wholesale tea suppliers, standing out from the crowdby the creation of sparkling teas. They also offer both hot and iced tea bags, bulk tea and tea concentrates.

It all begins in a small New England farming community with hand-blended tea recipes. Amazed by the flavor they pack into each tea bag, each sip of sparkling tea, or their micronized tea powders inspired this family to step up their game and make their teas available for every tea lover worldwide. They make every batch by hand in small lots, not because it is easier, but because it is the best way to create the product they want.

Art of Tea

Art of Tea is an importer and wholesale tea supplier in the USA. This tea supplier has teas carefully selected directly from the farms and each one is offering a unique taste. Moreover, they have the best hand blend and custom crafts organic teas.

They hand blend and custom craft the world’s finest fair trade organic teas and premium botanicals. Furthermore, Art of Tea offers customized tea menus, retail teas, pyramid tea bag lines, hospitality tea program, customized blends, and training.

The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea is a progressive and socially conscious business recognized for being the leading purveyor of more than 300 all-natural premium teas, herbs, and gifts. This wholesale tea supplier enriches people’s lives through great-tasting premium teas and herbs, education, and innovation by emphasizing a sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp lifestyle.

By canvassing the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves, The Republic of Tea began a tea revolution back in 1992. Additionally, their specially designed air-tight, light-resistant tins contain either full-leaf teas and herbs or their signature round, unbleached tea bags, free of unnecessary envelopes, strings, tags, or staples.

Savvy Teas

Savvy Teas, a retail division of WorldSource International, is a specialty tea retailer importing and packaging teas from Asia. They sell over 259 loose leaf teas in addition to their fine food, specialty gourmet foods, artisan cheeses, and teaware from all over the world.

Their herbs are not treated or irradiated in any way, and there are also no fillers in the products. People use herbs on a daily basis for many different uses, and they need to be sure that their suppliers would only use the highest quality herbs. While they cannot provide dosage or medical advice, they have under each herb an extensive writeup of traditional uses.

Mighty Leaf Tea Company

Mighty Leaf Tea Company, aware of the fact that whole leaf loose tea provides an optimal tea service in terms of taste profile, finish, and clarity, is providing services that capture all of the benefits. With the convenience of a standard tea bag, they are distinguished in offering their unique tea pouch line.

The pre-portioned whole leaf pouch by this wholesale tea supplier allows the best of both worlds. Sensual translucent fabric pouches are packed with the identical whole leaf teas that they offer in their loose-leaf tea line.

Blue Ridge Tea

If you want to develop and distribute your own private label tea, Blue Ridge Tea streamlines the process and delivers a product of unmatchable quality. Take your chance to amaze your customers with a delicious, aromatic blend that bears your own private label. This wholesale tea supplier is ready to put the decades of experience to work for you.

As an independent company, Blue Ridge Tea is aiming to provide superior products that are safe and non-toxic and to offer consistent and personal customer service. With more than 40 years of experience and dedicated work to reach the goal, this tea company is among the best wholesale tea suppliers in 2022.


Divinitea is an organic loose leaf tea company that is proudly blending certified organic and biodynamic teas for over fifteen years in New York’s capital region. Their unique tea blends are handcrafted in-house using carefully sourced organic teas, herbs, and spices.

And when it comes to ingredients, they are all personally inspected for quality and Certified Organic in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program. Also, all their blends are made to order in small batches so customers can always get the tastiest, purest, and freshest organic teas and herbal infusions.

Grace Tea

Grace Tea is a wholesale tea supplier committed to sourcing only the top tier of the finest teas and offering them to tea enthusiasts in the fashion of a family-run organization for more than 60 years. They are combining handpicked, all-natural teas to create great-tasting and uplifting tea blends.

As a small boutique tea company, they take pride in being able to spread the joys associated with a daily cup of tea to casual tea drinkers and discerning tea enthusiasts alike. Their focus on combining rare black, oolong, and scented teas has expanded to offering single-estate green, white and herbal offerings to round out their award-winning tea selections.

Special Tea Company

Special Tea Company is dedicated to giving customers the most comprehensive shopping experience for tea. Their mission is to be the world’s most respected private label tea company by providing exceptional services to their customers.

Their freshest possible teas, superior customer service, as well as private label service puts Special Tea Company on the list of the best wholesale tea suppliers in 2022. Born into a world of traditional tea drinkers, their penchant for tea was naturally rooted in their English heritage. But over the years, their passion for world-class, quality teas sparked and grew into a full-fledged private label and co-packing tea business.

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas’s story begins in 1990, as a tea room in the Civil War village of Perryville, Kentucky, but in 2004 the tea room closed so this family business can focus on tea wholesale business. Today, they are known as one of the most reputable wholesale tea suppliers and are focused on importing, blending, and packaging teas for retailers, gourmet grocers, restaurants, tea bars, coffee bars, hotels, and museums across North America.

Their goals are to explore the globe in search of extraordinary teas, to honor and respect the people who work to produce those teas and to offer exceptional teas to a world thirsting for peace and equality.

Jade Bloom

Founded in 2017, Jade Bloom sources and supplies salon-quality shampoos, conditioners, gels, oils, butters and more made sustainably from plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Coconut, and Shea. Their catalog spans hair and skin to aromatherapy and teas.

Jade Bloom provides a one-stop shop for spas, salons and boutiques seeking affordable natural beauty and wellness lines. Their offerings cater to increased consumer demand for products using safe, eco-friendly formulas.

Meenaxi Enterprise, Inc

Founded in 2004, Meenaxi sources quality global food brands, household goods, and personal care items for affordable bulk purchase by hotels, retailers, convenience stores and other businesses. Their wide assortment provides a one-stop shop.

By delivering a diverse wholesale inventory at competitive prices, Meenaxi aims to be the go-to distributor for completing any store or hospitality offering. Their direct import relationships ensure availability of in-demand products.

Churches Specialty Foods

Founded in 1989, Cherchies produces award-winning small batch jams, sauces, and canned goods using family recipes with fresh, natural ingredients. Their factory crafts retail-ready specialty foods to differentiate store offerings.

By providing unique, high quality items not found in mass market channels, Cherchies enables retailers to stand out with local artisanal variety made affordable at scale. Their catalog spans classic to innovative flavors.

Ti Foods

Founded in 1989, Ti Foods has grown to become a trusted partner handling major volume for clients across categories. Their sourcing capabilities and purchasing scale enable competitive pricing for buyers. Ti Foods also offers private label merchandise.

With warehouses in Hong Kong and Singapore, Ti Foods ships over 3,000 tonnes of goods monthly across Asia. As the region’s food industry globalizes, they provide consolidation of complex cross-border supply chains.

Esh Foods, LLC

Founded in 1994, Esh Foods, LLC has grown to become a leading regional distributor representing major brands alongside niche producers. Their focus on quality and customer service builds long-term supply partnerships. Esh Foods simplifies sourcing for B2B food buyers.

With a large distribution center in Pennsylvania, Esh Foods has the scale and logistics network to efficiently supply wholesale foodservice operations and retailers across multiple states. As consumer tastes proliferate, they deliver a unique mix of both staple and specialty items.

The Galliker Dairy Company

Founded as a family business, The Galliker Dairy Company has grown to become a major regional dairy while retaining close connections to the communities they serve. In addition to their own brands, Galliker’s packages products for major retailers’ private label programs.

With distribution across several Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, Galliker’s supplies grocery and convenience chains, schools, restaurants, distributors and more. As tastes evolve, Galliker’s adapts their product lines to satisfy changing customer and consumer preferences.

What all these wholesale tea suppliers have in common

The tea world is a huge one indeed, with varied cultures in different places throughout the world. The most common thread of tea business owners is their passion for tea, but one will notice that each person’s tea business can be highly original.

Therefore, while the wholesale tea suppliers listed above mostly come from similar backgrounds, they take different routes in their own businesses. The opportunity to be authentic and use your creativity to create something beautiful makes wholesale tea company an amazing business idea for people who love tea, nature, and are not afraid to experiment and bring something new to the table.

As a seasoned tea enthusiast and industry expert, I have immersed myself in the world of tea, exploring its origins, varieties, and the intricate processes involved in cultivation, harvesting, and preparation. My extensive experience includes direct interactions with tea manufacturers, farmers, and exporters across diverse regions such as China, Japan, and India, where tea is grown. I have attended tea tastings, visited tea estates, and closely followed the global tea market trends.

Understanding the nuances of wholesale tea supply chain dynamics, I recognize the pivotal role played by wholesale tea suppliers in bridging the gap between tea producers and distributors, restaurants, and retailers. These suppliers undertake the responsibility of importing, packaging, and distributing loose leaf tea, catering to the demands of a wide customer base.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts presented in the article about wholesale tea suppliers:

  1. Wholesale Tea Suppliers:

    • These are businesses specializing in the bulk purchase and resale of tea.
    • They source tea directly from manufacturers, exporters, and farms worldwide.
    • Their clients include distributors, restaurants, and retailers.
  2. Sourcing Countries:

    • Wholesale tea suppliers typically acquire tea from tea-growing regions such as China, Japan, and India.
  3. Supplier Importance:

    • A reliable supplier is crucial for those entering the wholesale tea business.
    • Suppliers are a source of discounted prices on bulk tea.
  4. Responsibilities of Wholesale Tea Suppliers:

    • Importing, packaging, and selling loose leaf tea.
    • Some suppliers may also offer small teapots and tea accessories.
  5. Challenges in Finding the Best Suppliers:

    • The article emphasizes the difficulty of finding reputable wholesale tea suppliers.
    • A curated list of the top 25 suppliers is provided to assist businesses in making informed decisions.
  6. Highlighted Wholesale Tea Suppliers:

    • Best Tea Supplier: Known for an extensive selection of over 250 flavors and reliable delivery across North America.
    • TeaSwan: Offers premium organic, loose-leaf tea from various regions, sourced directly from farms.
    • Jenier World of Teas: Sources teas globally and focuses on flavoring teas using natural ingredients.
    • Cup of Tea: Sells a wide range of world teas produced using orthodox methods, with a focus on personalized service.
  7. Diversity in Tea Offerings:

    • Wholesale tea suppliers offer a diverse range of teas, including green, black, white, oolongs, flavored teas, and herbal infusions.
  8. Environmental Considerations:

    • Some suppliers, like Herbal Sense, prioritize environmental friendliness, offering natural and eco-friendly products.
  9. Cultural Influences in Tea Blending:

    • Gryphon Tea incorporates rich Asian cultural influences into its tea blends.
  10. Boutique and Gourmet Tea Blends:

    • ETTE TEA specializes in boutique gourmet tea blends inspired by Singapore and Southeast Asian tastes.
  11. Art of Tea Blending:

    • Tea Leaves and Art of Tea emphasize the art of quality blending to create unique and unforgettable tea experiences.
  12. Custom Blending:

    • Assam Tea Company allows customers to design their tea blends using freshly harvested teas.
  13. Innovation in Tea Products:

    • Tea Guys stands out by creating sparkling teas alongside traditional hot and iced tea offerings.
  14. Progressive and Socially Conscious Brands:

    • The Republic of Tea is recognized for its socially conscious approach, offering premium teas and herbs.
  15. Focus on Education and Innovation:

    • Savvy Teas emphasizes education about herbs and their uses, showcasing an extensive write-up of traditional uses.
  16. Private Label and Customization:

    • Blue Ridge Tea and Special Tea Company offer services for private labeling, allowing businesses to create their unique blends.
  17. Organic and Biodynamic Blends:

    • Divinitea prides itself on blending certified organic and biodynamic teas using carefully sourced ingredients.
  18. Heritage and Tradition:

    • Grace Tea, as a family-run business for over 60 years, combines tradition and quality in creating uplifting tea blends.
  19. Global Sourcing and Distribution:

    • Ti Foods and Meenaxi Enterprise, Inc have established global networks for sourcing and distribution.
  20. Artisanal and Small-Batch Production:

    • Churches Specialty Foods and Elmwood Inn Fine Teas focus on artisanal, small-batch production to deliver high-quality specialty foods and teas.
  21. Consumer-Centric Approach:

    • The Galliker Dairy Company prioritizes customer preferences, adapting its product lines to evolving tastes.
  22. Diverse Product Catalogs:

    • Special Tea Company, Mighty Leaf Tea Company, and Jade Bloom offer diverse product catalogs spanning teas, aromatherapy, and personal care items.
  23. Commitment to Quality:

    • Esh Foods, LLC focuses on quality and customer service, building long-term supply partnerships.
  24. Local and Artisanal Focus:

    • Cherchies specializes in small-batch jams, sauces, and canned goods, providing unique, high-quality items for retailers.
  25. Holistic Business Approach:

    • Divinitea and Esh Foods, LLC showcase a holistic approach, considering factors like organic certification, sustainability, and customer service.

In conclusion, the wholesale tea industry is a vibrant and diverse landscape, with suppliers catering to a range of preferences and market demands. The concepts covered in the article highlight the importance of authenticity, innovation, and a deep understanding of tea culture in thriving in this business.

World’s 25 best wholesale tea suppliers for 2024 (2024)


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