Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (2024)

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (1)David Wilbert
2022-10-01 23:28:31 GMT

Love this place! Bought my 8750 Predator generator. Works great and not too loud at all. I wish I could drive my truck as long as the gas lasts in the tank. I run it for 14.6 hours and the tank still had gas. Oil is not burning low I thought it would. That's good!

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (2)Daniel Reynolds
2024-01-04 23:30:32 GMT

Not one of my usual locations but the store spared well stocked and clean while I was there. Staff was courteous and offered help but I did not need it and was in and out quickly.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (3)Al Arthur
2023-09-04 18:16:21 GMT

The staff is helpful and friendly and knowledgeable. Have been shopping at this store for 5 years. I don't see massive employee turnover so it is indicative of management. The store is clean, well stocked, and organized.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (4)Rudy Rodriguez
2023-08-24 03:08:54 GMT

I went in looking for a specific part for an electric polisher I had previously purchased. Unfortunately they didn’t carry the same item but the manager Jazmin was able to find a spare unit with the same component and it fit!
Great service and help!

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (5)Alejandro Martinez
2024-01-18 19:24:46 GMT

Good service great prices thanks for help me Amen 🙏🏽

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (6)Security Services
2020-11-20 20:15:22 GMT

The new store to me in Pomona I think it is but anyway it's a beautiful store clean and the staff is totally awesome they're very helpful if you need anything they have it pretty much and a reasonable price

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (7)DIEGO AGU
2024-01-17 08:38:47 GMT

Great place to buy tool at a affordable price. 👌

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (8)Carlos Roq
2023-02-11 06:53:21 GMT

So HF tools are hit or miss although at their price point can't complain much.
Employees are helpful and get you on your way.
I like that I can buy an affordable tool for a job or two and call it a day.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (9)Harley Lara
2023-05-20 20:16:07 GMT

Harbor Freights has all the heavy duty tools you need! The return policy is great, and the employees are always willing to help. would recommend

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (10)Rodney
2022-10-15 22:03:07 GMT

The tools are cheap but employees were very nice and helpful. It's a great place to shop and even though the prices are low the tools are decent. You can't beat the prices on their disposable gloves.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (11)Casa de Guadalupe
2021-04-19 16:15:36 GMT

The store was very clean and well organized. I asked for help searching for an item and an employee quickly described the location. There are some great deals to be had here. Flamingo was to get a aluminum can crusher at only $5.99 but ended up walking away with a great deal on LED shop light. It is very bright and only cost $24.99.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (12)Elsa Cranmer
2023-11-30 22:02:24 GMT

Awesome experience! Clean and friendly.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (13)Ernesto Lopez
2023-10-01 01:38:35 GMT

Great place to find tools. Staff always helpful.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (14)B J (Buford Jones)
2023-03-24 22:02:13 GMT

I personally think this store is a 5 star not all the stores are the people here are great and they always seem to have everything in stock at this store the only thing negative I can say is they should drop the price on the clearance/return items I think items that have been returned that they try to resale should have a significant price drop not no 10%-20%

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (15)Gabriel Actor Wifey Valentina
2022-06-21 14:38:55 GMT

Always good deals on tools that other places have for even double sometimes. It's so great u can actually get lost in this place forever so many great deals and things to buy. Before u go anywhere check them out for whatever you need first. You will be surprised!!!!!

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (16)D B
2018-05-10 16:00:52 GMT

I found my new favorite store! This place has everything I need for all of my auto and handy-man needs. My wife even finds things she likes at this place. My kids go head to shop for my birthday and Father's Day presents so I am never disappointed with my gifts...

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (17)Daniel Sorensen
2020-06-28 21:51:47 GMT

They ha e everything you need at an affordable price.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (18)Albert Gomez
2020-07-10 00:57:29 GMT

I like going for all the different items they have lately I have been buying Hercules power tools they are reasonable in price. went to buy a 12v drill with clutch adjustment for $39.00 they didn't have any so I will stop by tommorow. they said truck come in

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (19)Tony Monreal
2018-08-18 23:36:25 GMT

I've this place. Over the past few years the quality of merchandise has improved in quality. I purchase a lot of my hand tools here and have not had any issues with them. I've also purchased a generator that's turned out to work really well. They also have a few good accessories for my trailer. My next purchase will be a band saw and table router. I recommend getting the extended warranty when its offered. I've had to use it once and it was hassell free. Can't go wrong with Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (20)Ken Loo
2021-08-16 05:06:37 GMT

Amazing customer service by Arek and the team!
Everyone made us feel welcome. It's amazing how they spread the good energy. This is one of my two favorite locations.

Harbor Freight Tools, Chino Reviews (2024)


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