Ffxiv Dreadwyrm Weapons (2024)


In the realm of Eorzea, adventurers are constantly seeking new and powerful weapons to enhance their combat prowess. Among the most coveted and feared weapons are the FFXIV Dreadwyrm Weapons. These legendary weapons possess an unparalleled strength, imbued with the essence of the dreadwyrm, and are highly sought after by warriors across the land. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of FFXIV Dreadwyrm Weapons, exploring their origins, unique abilities, and the path to obtaining them.

I. The Origins of Dreadwyrm Weapons

The origins of Dreadwyrm Weapons can be traced back to the fierce battles against the mighty Bahamut during the Calamity. As the primal dragon unleashed his devastating power, a group of brave adventurers managed to defeat him and claim his very essence. From this essence, the Dreadwyrm Weapons were born, infused with the raw power of Bahamut himself.

II. Unleashing the Power Within

The Dreadwyrm Weapons possess a unique ability known as "Dreadwyrm Aether." This powerful energy source grants the wielder enhanced combat abilities and unique skills. Each weapon is tailored to a specific job class, ensuring that every adventurer can find a Dreadwyrm Weapon that suits their playstyle. From the fiery Inferno Sword for the paladin to the ethereal Nebula Staff for the white mage, the variety of Dreadwyrm Weapons is vast and awe-inspiring.

III. The Path to Obtaining Dreadwyrm Weapons

Obtaining a Dreadwyrm Weapon is no small feat and requires a great deal of dedication and skill. Adventurers must first prove their mettle by facing formidable challenges within the Binding Coil of Bahamut, a series of treacherous raids that test their limits. Only the most skilled and coordinated parties can hope to conquer these trials and claim the powerful Dreadwyrm Weapons as their own.

IV. Unlocking the True Potential

Acquiring a Dreadwyrm Weapon is just the beginning of the journey. To fully unleash its power, adventurers must undergo a process known as "Augmentation." This involves gathering rare materials and seeking the guidance of master craftsmen and craftswomen who possess the knowledge to enhance the weapon's abilities. Augmenting a Dreadwyrm Weapon not only increases its raw stats but also unlocks unique traits and skills that further amplify the wielder's combat prowess.

V. The Legacy of the Dreadwyrm

The legacy of the Dreadwyrm Weapons extends beyond their immense power. These legendary weapons have become a symbol of prestige and accomplishment within the FFXIV community. Adventurers who wield a Dreadwyrm Weapon are revered as formidable warriors, inspiring awe and respect from their peers. The path to obtaining and mastering a Dreadwyrm Weapon is a testament to an adventurer's dedication, perseverance, and skill.


The FFXIV Dreadwyrm Weapons stand as a testament to the power and determination of Eorzea's adventurers. With their origins rooted in the battle against Bahamut, these weapons offer unparalleled strength and unique abilities. Obtaining a Dreadwyrm Weapon is a challenging and rewarding journey, one that only the most skilled and dedicated adventurers can undertake. Unleash the power within and become a legend in your own right with the awe-inspiring might of the FFXIV Dreadwyrm Weapons.


  1. Can I use a Dreadwyrm Weapon for any job class? No, each Dreadwyrm Weapon is tailored to a specific job class, ensuring compatibility and enhancing the unique abilities of that class.

  2. Are Dreadwyrm Weapons the strongest weapons in the game? While Dreadwyrm Weapons are incredibly powerful, there are other weapons with similar strength that can be obtained through different means.

  3. Can I trade or sell Dreadwyrm Weapons? Dreadwyrm Weapons are bound to the character that obtains them and cannot be traded or sold to other players.

  4. Is it necessary to complete the Binding Coil of Bahamut raids to obtain a Dreadwyrm Weapon? Yes, the Dreadwyrm Weapons can only be obtained by successfully completing the challenging raids within the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

  5. Can I upgrade my Dreadwyrm Weapon further after augmentation? No, augmentation is the final step in enhancing a Dreadwyrm Weapon. However, there are other powerful weapons available in subsequent content updates that adventurers can pursue.

Ffxiv Dreadwyrm Weapons (2024)


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