Buenos Aires Travel Guide (2024)

Buenos Aires has been called the “Paris of South America” for decades, but to know this city is to endure a decidedly more visceral affair. Beneath the neoclassical architecture, artful pastries, and sprawling green spaces is the bleeding heart of the city—a city where the soccer games are to be wept over, the whip-quick moves of tango never miss a beat, and the sounds of sizzling asado and flowing Malbec carry late into the night.

Plan Your Buenos Aires Trip

Central and South America Travel Restrictions: A Country-by-Country Guide

Despite how hard the virus has hit the continent, many countries are open to travelers.

By Megan Spurrell

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Argentina

Argentina is one of the most awe-inspiring countries in the world, with dramatic glacial landscapes, legendary tango performances, impressive wine and food scenes, and of course, cities like Buenos Aires. Now, thanks to the recent drop in value of the Argentinian peso—plus the new tax refund foreigners get on hotel stays—there's never been a better time to visit. Here are 15 photos that will inspire you to visit one of South America's most alluring and beautiful countries.

By Caitlin Morton


From Buenos Aires to the Chilean Coast: A Road Trip Across South America

Road trips mean untold adventures, wide-screen wilderness, and striking out alone. On a dramatic ride from Argentina to Chile, Stanley Stewart traces the continent's highest peaks, reaching the coast at a smartly unplugged new camp.

By Stanley Stewart

Rumaan Alam on a Whirlwind Romantic Trip to Buenos Aires

The author reminisces on a 2003 trip to Argentina with his now-husband, photographer David Land.

By Meredith Carey

Learn to Cook, Tango, and Ski on Francis Mallmann's Private Argentine Island

The world-famous chef invites you to escape to Patagonia.

By Betsy Blumenthal

15 Best Hotels in Buenos Aires

Where to lay your head down for the night in Buenos Aires.

By Celeste Moure

Editor Hotel Recommendations

  • Mio Buenos Aires

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Av Pres. Manuel Quintana 465

    All rooms have balconies that overlook some of Buenos Aires' swankiest apartments.

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  • Algodon Mansion

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Montevideo 1647

    A sophisticated and intimate atmosphere that's worth the price tag.

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  • Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

    $$$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Martha Salotti 445

    Faena is pricey but if you want to be right in Puerto Madero and are a fan of Starck's brand of design, this hotel is for you.

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  • Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

    $$$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Avenida Alvear 1661

    This temple of chic overlooking downtown Buenos Aires is bringing sexy back to the neighborhood.

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  • Jardín Escondido

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Gorriti 4746

    For film fans, staying in the house where the iconic filmmaker, Coppola, once lived is priceless.

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  • Hub Porteño

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Rodríguez Peña 1967

    You don't just book a room at this hotel, but an entire experience that includes a superb concierge team.

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  • Fierro Hotel

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Soler 5862

    Modern decor, a great staff, an excellent restaurant and great location make this hotel a great choice for an even better price.

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  • Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Maipú 907

    An affordable and comfortable option if you are traveling solo and don't need tons of space.

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The Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires

  • 15 Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires

    Just make sure to pack your walking (and dancing) shoes.

    By Celeste Moure

  • 9 Best Shops in Buenos Aires

    You won't be going home empty-handed.

    By Allie Lazar

  • 10 Best Places for Tango in Buenos Aires

    When the sun sets, the dancing starts.

    By Allie Lazar

  • 3 Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires

    Sometimes, it pays to get out of the city.

    By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

  • 10 Best Tours in Buenos Aires

    Here's how to explore different sides of Argentina's cosmopolitan capital.

    By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

  • 10 Best Museums To Visit in Buenos Aires

    This city is a cultural powerhouse. Here's what to see first.

    By Allie Lazar

Editor Recommendations

  • Museo del Mate

    $ | Argentina, Tigre, Lavalle 289

    A thorough timeline of Argentina's history of drinking mate.

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  • Museo de Arte Tigre

    $ | Argentina, Tigre, Saldias 1289

    For a close-up of a stunning mansion in a unique waterfront location, come here.

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  • Museo Draghi

    $ | Argentina, San Antonio de Areco, Lavalle 387

    This small private collection shows off silverware dating back to the 19th-century, as well as contemporary work by the Draghi family.

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  • Buenos Aires Cultural Concierge, Boating on the Tigre Delta

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    For a different and personalized vista of Tigre and the Delta, try this boat trip.

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  • BA Free Tour

    Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    If you just landed in BA, this is a great "free" option to get in on.

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  • Shop Hop Buenos Aires

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    If you're into supporting small designers and picking up original wares, this tour is for you.

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  • Parrilla Tour

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    Foodies hungry for a culinary insight into a national pastime—barbecue—will love this. Veggies, stay away.

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  • Buenos Aires Cultural Concierge's Art Insider Tour

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    Serious art collectors will relish the chance to get close to gallerists and artists, while novices will surely catch the art bug.

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  • BA Tours, Barrios Futboleros – Rivalidades Históricas

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires,

    Get to the heart of fútbol’s most ferocious rivalries on this five-hour soccer stadium tour.

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  • BA Bikes

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, San José 525

    A dynamic and fascinating tour that took the mundane out of regular sightseeing.

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  • Graffitimundo Street Art Origins Tour

    Buenos Aires,

    Book ahead for a space on this group street-art tour run by Graffitimundo, a slick operation led by cool and young bilingual guides well versed in the local scene.

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Behind the Scenes of Argentina's Legendary Cowboy Competition

Each Sunday at the Feria de Mataderos, a fair on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, nostalgic locals craving a culture fix can get their fill of traditional asado (barbecue) and folk dancing while cheering on gauchos racing their steeds in the prestigious corrida de sortija. Photographer Anders Overgaard shares some of his outtakes and insights from our March story, "Taking Style Inspiration from Argentina's Gauchos."

By Anders Overgaard

The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Buenos Aires

  • 22 Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

    Our list for where to eat when you're in town.

    By Allie Lazar

  • 15 Best Bars in Buenos Aires

    Thirsty? We got you.

    By Celeste Moure

  • 13 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

    Carnivores rejoice.

    By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

  • 10 Best Places for Tango in Buenos Aires

    When the sun sets, the dancing starts.

    By Allie Lazar

Editor Restaurant and Bar Recommendations

  • Kōnā Corner

    Argentina, Buenos Aires, Castañeda 1899

    The realization of an acclaimed Argentine chef's lifelong passion for Japanese cuisine and culture.

    Buenos Aires Travel Guide (25)Hot List

  • Hache Almacén

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Ángel Justiniano Carranza 1670

    A long communal table takes center stage at this bar, so it's a good place to come solo—and make friends with whoever sits next to you—or with a couple of friends.

  • Vico Wine Bar

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, 1149, Gurruchaga

    Great place if you want to impress someone, whether a date or business colleague.

  • Boliche de Bessonart

    $ | Argentina, San Antonio de Areco,

    This is a gem so even if you don't care for the Fernet, lap up the ambience.

  • El Ombú de Areco

    $ | Argentina, San Antonio de Areco, Ruta 31, Cuartel VI

    A happy-go-lucky lunch that can get a bit boisterous.

  • Gran Bar Danzon

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Libertad 1161

    A date, a business dinner, a night out with a group of friends: This place is good for whatever kind of night you want. But best make reservations.

  • Bar 878

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Thames 878

    Come around midnight with a date or maybe a couple of friends and if you score a comfy seat on the sofa, you're set for the night.

  • Verne co*cktail Club

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Av. Medrano 1475

    This is the perfect spot to bring a date or someone you want to impress. The crowd is mostly locals, fashionably dressed and having a good time.

  • Boticario

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Honduras 5207

    A cool botanical-themed pharmacy bar in the heart of Palermo is pretty much the perfect place to take a date.

  • The Harrison Speakeasy

    $$ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Malabia 1764

    The whole vibe of the place says "date night," particularly since getting in isn't easy. Your date will be impressed.

  • Parque Bar Botánico

    $ | Argentina, Buenos Aires, Thames 1472

    A great place to go on a warm summer's night. The garden in the back has swings and cool little tables.

A Day in Buenos Aires

Excellent local wine, a booming (and affordable) food scene, history and art on every corner: It’s easy to see why spending just a few days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, can make it so hard to leave.

More from Buenos Aires

Places to Stay

11 Best Airbnbs in Buenos Aires, From Palermo to San Telmo

These properties offer something for everyone, from private spas to pet-friendly patios.

By Harrison Pierce

Food & Drink

Where Chefs Eat on Vacation: Elena Reygadas on Buenos Aires' Best Empanadas, Morcilla, and White Wine

Consider this your essential restaurant guide to the Argentine city.

By Megan Spurrell

Style & Culture

The Magic of Carnival Porteño

A year of preparation comes to a head each February, when neighborhood song and dance troupes take to the streets of Buenos Aires.

By Matt Dursum

Women Who Travel

Catching a Glimpse of My Mother’s Past on a Trip to Buenos Aires

Reunited in the city her mother once called home, Sanaë Lemoine sees another side of the woman who raised her.

By Sanaë Lemoine

Food & Drink

In Buenos Aires, a New Generation of Pastry Chefs Are Celebrating the City’s Sweet Tooth

And pushing the boundaries of the city’s traditional bakeries in the process.

By Kevin Vaughn

Food & Drink

This Emerging Food District Is Home to Buenos Aires’s Most Exciting New Restaurants

And it offers so much more than asado.

By Catesby Holmes


In Argentina, Machines Are the New 'Sommeliers'

And the service is excellent.

By Megan Spurrell

News & Advice

Norwegian Air Argentina Is Set to Fly in October

This spin-off of the popular low-cost airline could reshape the way we fly around South America.

By Katherine LaGrave

Plan Now, Go Now

Plan Now, Go Now: Buenos Aires in September, Plus a Last-Minute Spring Break Trip

Making the case for a trip out west, and looking ahead to polo season in Argentina.

By CNT Editors


The 15 Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

The next time you're in Argentina's capital, here's where—and what—to eat.

By Paola Singer

News & Advice

This Weekend in Buenos Aires: The Biggest Art Fair in South America

Some 100,000 visitors will be taking part in this art fair in Buenos Aires's exclusive Palermo neighborhood.

By Lilit Marcus

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